Ding Ding Squishy

Ding Ding Squishy

  • $7.39
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Do you need to fidget a lot and need something in your hands?

If you find yourself often stressed you NEED this!

    • Slow Rising Feature: Extremely satisfying slow rising technology. Squeeze once and watch the toy slowly reestablish its original form! No matter how you squeeze it, our toys go back to their original form at a satisfying speed


    • Perfect Desk Toy: Whether you’re in an office, cubicle, library, school, you name it! Leaving one of our squishy toys will help you get through your day. If you’re feeling stressed, just give one of our toys a hard squeeze, and watch your stress melt away!


    • High Quality, Non-Toxic Materials: We make sure our products are completely safe to play with. Since we know our customers will be giving them as gifts to friends and family. We want to make sure to offer the highest quality squishy toy you can purchase.


    • Super Cute and Super Squishy: Our Squishy toys will make you and the people around you smile! Give it a try!